Acadian® delivers fundamental
value to your program:
• Improved plant vigor
• Enhanced root growth
• Resistance to environmental stress
• Higher yields
Fundamentally Better Timing is everything!
Learn more about
post-harvest applications.


What is Acadian®?

Derived exclusively from the marine plant Ascophyllum nodosum, Acadian® brings you the best in crop nutritional products.

Produced using proprietary technologies that liberate the valuable, organic compounds and carefully formulated to provide a consistent product for your nutritional program with every drop.

Acadian® offers tremendous ROI benefits to any commercially grown horticultural products, especially to wine and table grapes, tree nuts, stone fruit, leafy greens, and strawberries.

Applications throughout the season are scientifically proven to increase fruit quality and yield, root growth and early plant development, and aid in stress resistance and recovery.


Start getting a greater return
on your investment
with Acadian®!

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